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Welcome again, to Releasing Resentment Tips Center.

Recently I have become aware of how widespread a problem, resentment is, and how much it robs all of us of the fullness of joy that is our birthright. Hence this dialogue about shaking our mind free from the miserable grip of resentment.

In addition to all the FREE information I am making available to you here, I will be recommending some other 'must-have' resources you can purchase right here on this site.

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  • Where resentment comes from and why it is such a problem 
  • How getting to the roots of your resentment can be life transforming
  • When forgiveness is an irrelevant issue and the offender of no consequence
  • Why the resentment eating you out like a cancer has nothing to do with the person you are blaming!
  • Three steps you must take before you can release resentment
  • Why, and how, resentment affects intimacy

And much, much more!

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Feedback reaching me through my Email Inbox ...

"Dr. Springer, twenty years ago you helped me get out of an abusive relationship, and you saved my life, because if it was not for you I might have been dead today. You often said that our power is ours to manage, and if a person was being abused that person was the one keeping herself/himself in the abusive situation. I was just twenty-three years old when I made up my mind to get away from the abuse. I believe I would not have been alive today if I hadn't done that. My entire life has changed since then. Everything has been working for me since then. I am a completely different person, and I have you to thank for this." A forty-three year old woman"

-  2007

"Dear Eugenia, I cannot possibly thank you enough, for such TLC, and the wisdom, you have shared with me! It is people like you, who make such an incredible difference, to the rest of us. It is when a person acts out of complete genuine-ness, and sincerity, that they reap such beauty, and gifts. Your response to my problem, rang a bell, deep inside of myself. It truly 'clicked'."

-  2008

"Dr ES, Thank you so very much for spending your valuable time thinking over my problem and answering my question. Your advice is going to be of great help to me as it is going to help me think in the right direction. Many times you know what to do but need a push or a backing from someone; someone to assure you that yes, what you are doing is right. Whatever you have said has removed a lot of confusion from my mind and now I am in a better position to handle the situation. Thank you very much once again. God bless."

-  2008

"Thank you for the words of truth. It was just what I needed. I shall go on to make the positive happen by changing my outlook and how I deal with challenges. God bless you."

-  2009